Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I know that it is a stage of grief: first, I believe comes denial, then, comes acceptance…Ok..I have finally accepted that, through no fault of a myriad of fans who have enough components of Fluffernutters to last till 2012, that the nucleus of Law and Order: Criminal Intent is imploding. Sad to actually write it in print but Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe will no longer be show regulars as of March 2010.

When news first hit the airwaves in late September, that VDO was stepping away from the show, I remember walking into my husbands studio and announcing plans to cry. Now, since I have the reputation of being a flagrant dramatist, my husband assumed that perhaps we were out of dog food or that the temperature had dropped below 70. No crying wolf this time, I persisted, things were in tatters and the world was crumbling; Criminal Intent was cancelled..oh, excuse me, D’Onofrio was leaving (same thing). My husband knew the tear threat was serious now! How many times had he escaped his studio for moments to come and impart some words of affection upon his wife only to be shushed away and sent back to his small dark hovel? Being that I hade Criminal Intent sensor, that could be at anytime of day, for, like CNN, L&O could usually be found somewhere on the myriad of cable channels at some time of day. Although I have seen most episode countless amounts of time, the eccentricities of Robert Goren never grow old. I will say though, this past season’s descent into some pseudo- psycho outbursts and flagrant depiction of that guy who you crossed the street to avoid archetype, I could have done without. I missed the flirty Nicole Wallace obsessed detective and ever being the optomist, had hoped that Nicole’s twin sisietr’s DNA was that found out the deadly death of the nemesis crime scene and that Nicole would again rear her Psycho-Killer hottie head.Hey..I am still convinced that Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald went to Shermer High prom together! Alas, this was not to be true because some jackass with a pen, or keyboard decided Bobby needed closure so decided to decimate all loved ones..including Nicole (oh please..we all know he had a little killer crush on her) and clean his slate. Wait..who did this?? Who can sleep at night after that? It certainly wasn’t Belcar because THAT was a writer. No no..it was these people from USA/NBC who decide to shake up and shake down our favorite show. I blame them completely. If the scripts were better, no one would be leaving. If Dick Wolf asserted more of his creative clout, we would be eagerly awaiting March! Hey, Goldblum is ok in Jurassic park but please..carry the weight of Criminal Intent with Saffron Burrows..be afraid, be very afraid. October 17th, 2009, VDO halted all speculation and told fans everywhere that no matter what, he was leaving. The words rang out like nail on chalkboards across the world and shoulders slumped and heads were hung. The Grinch had stolen Christmas and it wasn’t going to be given back at a wonderful family feast. It was over….

So, Fluff campaign tents folded and went into a dusty attic somewhere and fans slumped back into chairs disgusted. The fight was not totally over though. An idea was hatched to say goodbye in style! Take out a newspaper ad saying Goodbye to the Heart and Soul of Criminal Intent! Ok..turns out there is a reason that only people like crazy man Tom Cruise can do these things; they are terribly expensive! So, the new proposal is to present the stars with “awards” from the fans. Check out this link! C’mon all you Intent fans and give a buck or 2. I have done my part and will continue to do so until the goal is met!! All my Twilight jewelry finding will go on Etsy and after fees, be donated to this cause! I am designing special Criminal Intent Heart necklaces that will again, after fees and materials, go to this fund! Here is the first look at one of the pieces. I will start listing them this weekend and tell you exactly how to locate the fundraise pieces!! Be a fan and fork it over!! Show VDO and Katie you really care!!