Sunday, June 28, 2009

PIRATES INSPIRED SEA GLASS DESIGNS this point the entire free world knows I met Johnny Depp....sigh....ok, I'm any way, I did a bunch of new pieces last night and listed them today on Etsy at I love my pirate inspired pieces but there is a small piece of me that worries that people might think I am headed to a more gothic style (which I love, don't get me wrong). Sea glass fans tend to like their pieces just adorned with sea shell charms etc but I feel it is all an art form and about the creative process. I love my skull and crossbones and pirate feel. Heck, I think that life must have been awesome. I just wondered what Etsy people and shoppers think. I want to do an entire vintage theme next as well and so, my shop will be entirely eclectic. I like so many different styles I just can't stay with one genre. Hey folk...gimme some feedback, or, as Bruce Campbell would say..."gimme some sugar baby.." Actually, be as mean as you like : ) Just don't make me cry. I've traded up from Bruce Campbell now anyway...sorry Bruce!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

NEW JOHNNY DEPP PIC! is another shot!!


 is official…I have lived my dream of meeting Johnny Depp and did not throw up, faint, or make an idiot of myself. Better yet, I was able to present him with a sea glass pendant that my son and I made for him. I’ll keep the blubbering and blabbering to a minimum and relate how this all came to pass. Johnny was in NYC yesterday to film Letterman to promote "Public Enemies". I live in New Jersey and only a 40 minute drive away from the studios. After much debate and some failed “fool proof” plans, involving people that worked at CBS and knew people etc., my son and I had pretty much decided to dump the plan and not be disappointed. At 10:00 p.m. the night before, we started making a pendant out of black sea glass “just in case”. Heck, another Etsy friend "The Caravan" from California had sent me something to give him too and between that and my son’s disappointed face, I felt almost obligated to give it the ole college try!
We drilled a piece of black sea glass, added skull and crossbones charm for that pirate effect with sterling silver wire. Then we dangled a charm with a pirate flag from it and hung it from a leather cord. Very Depp-like. I’ve included the pic here.
At about 2:15 p.m. yesterday, still debating whether to go, we took the plunge! We made our way to the city where, for a change, the sun was glowing brightly and not a drop to be found of rain! I attribute this to the very presence of Johhny Depp and his ability to control the weather by his glowing persona…lol. Anyway, any good celebrity chaser knows that you have to make friends with the right people; security and police. So, after arriving to a throng of hundreds of people, exchanging pleasantries with said people to know, offering them bottled water and making clear to them that it was “all about my son meeting Johnny Depp”, we were told exactly where to be to make sure we got noticed and approached! Ok…let me back track here and say though it was a LOT for my son…but…I’m the one with the autographed photos and cardboard cutout in the basement!
Well, when the show was finally over and he came out he made his way to us, thanks to the very nice security man and we were able to present him with the pendant we made from the glass. He thought it was “very cool” and knew right what it was when I told him it was sea glass!! How neat!! I can officially say that Johnny Depp has one of my pieces! He handled the piece, admired it and I saw it go with him into his car! Now, his daughter may have it wrapped around a Barbie by now but it is still in the Depp possession and that is all that I care!! He was a gentleman, chatted with my son(pic #4) and high fived him!! It truly was surreal and when you look at the pictures, taken without a zoom, you will see why I am amazed that I stayed on two feet! All I kept saying was “Oh my gosh, his hair kept touching my hand !” Of course hubby had to know those details!! I can only hope now that this gracious man chooses to wear this piece in public and is photographed wearing it. It was a day I’ll never, ever forget!! My only disappontment is that we were so close when he came to us that I could not get a picture of he and my son together...ok...I'll survive that and live with the fact that he was sooo close. My son still will not wash his hand! And I can only hope that his entire family becomes sea glass fanatics and he will provide them all with gifts....from me of course!!! The magic of sea glass lives again!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sea glass is obviously an important part of my day and evening but I do put time aside for somethings…like “Lost”. Ok..I have been watching Lost since the first episode and we have had our moments. The first season was amazing and though there were a few annoying characters, on the whole, everyone was a keeper. By the second or third season, Jack had my nerves in a bunch with his “I’m a doctor so I’m saving the island” routine and Kate needed a hard smack with her whole “which one do I choose?” quandary. Um…Kate…have you seen the choices?…geesh…the blonde guy is the one..bad boys are always the best! Hence my obsession with Johnny Depp who will be in NYC next week to promote his new movie so I plan to meet him (I have my sources). You may, of course read about me on national news coverage but it might be good for business! There I go…off topic again…ok back to Lost. Fast forward to present day, which, if you are a Lost fan, you know can happen in the blink of an eye or a white flash in the sky. Now, I’ve dealt with polar bears, smoke monsters and mysterious cabins but you know you have Lost me when I contemplate the amount of sea glass on this island. Hmmm…when everyone is wandering around moaning and whining about being trapped in a tropical paradise with hot guys…ok, let’s forget about the smoke monster and “The Others”, do they pick up shatters of sea glass? C’mon, they are in a time vortex for goodness sake…they should have amassed tons by now! There should be stock piles of Dharma mason jars with all sorts of amazing finds. Think how lovely a nice sea glass stained glass window would be in a little palm tree hut? Just the thing one needs when underground magnetic fields are getting you down.

Need a break from worrying about groups of never aging villagers with torches and flaming arrows? Tired of pushing that button so the island doesn’t blow up? (Of course that is a mute point now isn’t it?) Remorseful over the loss of fellow survivors being picked of by each other and mysterious clouds of black smoke? Collect sea glass!

We all know they film on Hawaii so let’s pretend it is a similar island. Heck, Jacob has been bringing people to the island for centuries! He must have quite the jewelry studio in the foot of that Egyptian statue!

I think if everyone just took a moment, took a deep breath and just walked the beach for some glass; perhaps things would be different now. Kate might have been washed away while grabbing for a bit of cobalt and made me very happy! Maybe Jack would lose that ever prominent scowl and be happy with a nice piece of sea foam.They could have a little Sea Glass festival with “The Others” and peace would reign among the warring factions cuz sea glass makes everyone happy. And the show would be over and somewhere the writers and producers are asking “who let this girl out”…and me, I’ll keep collecting, and coveting that glass, and waiting for Sawyer to be on screen again. Sigh….

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's late and I have been creating, photographing, writing up descriptions and hawking in e-mails Twitter and Facebook all day. Waiting for it all to pay off. A nice cover story in Vogue would be nice. I think that would help build sales. Don't get me wrong, I'm doing very well but I want to be home every day just working onpieces of sea glass art that I love. Between family obligations, part time job , housework and the usual suspects..ugh..I'm tired...need a trip back to Disneyworld!!! Time for zzzzz.......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well, not really by the sea shore cuz I am about an hour and a half from the beach but I've been crazy busy making jewelry with it today! I've listed some new pieces with neat charms and finding pieces. I don't want to be just another sea glass jeweler...I want to be THAT jeweler that does something different. I've done pieces that are suitable for weddings and fun earrings and lots of great colors. I need to work more with browns and ambers and green though because I just love those blues and tend to gravitate toward them when I start a new piece. Ok so this is just a brief blog to ask you to look at my new pieces on Etsy at and my next lenghthy blog will be "Lost" themed. Just how much sea glass can you collect when you are on a beach in a time vortex??

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Beware: this sea glass blog is frightening and not intended for the weak at heart .I have to admit that the focus of today’s blog has changed dramatically. I had all good intentions of writing a blog about retailers trying to pass off faux glass jewelry as real and their convictions thereto. But, at 11:35 p.m. last evening, my entire focus shifted . There was a much more sinister tale to tell. While trying to look for an angle to tie an ad for my sea glass jewelry into an ad on my husband’s paranormal radio show website; quite the chore I thought, I was deluged by internet articles on sea glass and paranormal/metaphysical issues. One website was selling Chakra sea glass that was to assist in cleansing the Chakra and aide in strengthening ones aura. The ironic thing about that was that the sea glass was faux and made in someone’s basement so the healing properties of that truly escaped me. If you are selling something that purportedly was an element of nature, I don’t expect it to come from a rock tumbler.

My next find was a meditation page that used sea glass in the meditation process. Although this idea, I found had merit, I do not know the every day sea glass collector that just happens to have chunks of orange, golden yellow and red lying around. If you are one of these people…e-mail me, we need to talk about those nuggets..: ).

Still another site recounted a story of a young woman who had collected a batch of sea glass that, when brought into her house, evoked the feeling of dread and discomfort. It basically, haunted her home. Her explanation was that she felt the glass came from a pirate cache and that it was haunted by evil. In turn, she removed the glass from her home and the feelings of dread dissipated. “The Amityville Sea Glass Horror”, coming soon to your local theater. Of course, I have saved the best and truly the most remarkably horrific for last...

There is a seller on Ebay that is selling sea glass shards (the kind you or I would throw back because they were not finished “cooking”) that have supposedly been collected by dragons. No really…this is not a joke; you can do a search on Ebay and find this listing! The highlights of the article attested to the fact that this glass was well known to be collected by dragons…yes, like in Harry Potter…And I of course am picturing an enormous lizard-like creature strolling my local beach with a bucket and a piece of driftwood, beach hat, sunscreen and all. Yet, I digress, apparently said dragons live deep within a cave in the mountains of Russia, a well known sea glass collecting spot…ahem…they hoard this glass because it is known to have strong medicinal qualities and is enhanced by powerful magic by the dragon’s breath. The sea glass has been passed on to the seller by a “strange little man” from deep with Russia’s mountainous countryside whose family has been Keepers of the Dragons for centuries.. This now evokes visions of Elijah Wood and a creepy hairless CGI character, trekking barefooted to Mount Doom with a little golden ring…ok…my jewelry aspect has been attained. “The Hoard of the Things” Coming soon to a theater near you. Now how and why this seller has just happened upon this man is still a mystery to me except for maybe a GPS incident gone horribly wrong and a trip back to Best Buy for a return. But little man was found and glass passed on, then of course “cured” in a magical ceremony and now available to your local Ebay patron. Of course, you must be 18 years of age to buy this glass because of it’s immense powers and the seller is not held responsible for any misuse of power or injury caused therein. It's power can be harnessed but only by those truly knowledgable in the "magical arts" of faeries, goblins,poltergeists, etc. If you can believe it, this is just a bried synopsis of this listing. I have long been an Ebay fan before switching to Etsy and have seen the “Ghost in the Jar” issues and “Grandpa’s Haunted Cane” as well as the whole “Virgin Mary in Grilled Cheese” debacle but this…oh my….Though I must admit, since I have brought glass into my home, it has caused major disruptions to the calm here. The house has suddenly and inexplicably been turned upside down, things have gone missing, sleep eludes me, I am ever obsessed with thoughts of the glass, the color red is foremost in my mind, bits of glass turn up everywhere from the bathroom to between the sofa cushions…could my glass be haunted and empowered by magical abilities…??? What are those strange striations and dark colors in that English glass? Of course, it must be a disembodied spirit..for the pieces scatter throughout every room. Is this truly a job for TAPS? Shall I write "A Haunting in New Jersey"?!? Hmmmm.....No, I think I’m just messy and starting a new business…Though I have posted this picture of that strange dark mass in this English multi...hmmm...

Disclaimer: I do not own haunted, bewitched or otherwise empowered sea glass. This blog was for entertainment and just me being silly. That Ebay listing does exist though!! Search for it under "Russian Sea Glass"

Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's 11:12 p.m. here and I'm ready for bed but inspired to write a blog about sea glass and the retail industries vision of sea glass. Faux vs. natural and my take on the public perception of this. This is what I sit up at night and compose....sea glass obsesses me..truly. But that is for tomorrow and the sofa is calling my name!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well, it's yet another rainy day in Jersey and I wonder when we are gonna get some summer weather! By all rights it is still Spring but geesh with the rain already. I need to take pictures of my new jewelry to list and I love to use natural daylight. I took pictures the other day and there are raindrops on everything. I suppose I could call it ""effect" but it's just a pain. My drill bits still have not arrived so I can't even work on that. I need to buy a stash of them so they don't run out before it's just too late. As I always do. The only good thing about all this rain and stormy weather is that it will churn up some lovely sea glass for scavenging. That means a 5:00 a.m. wake up call for an hour and a half treck to the beach. Then the panic sets in to rush. Like kids at an easter Egg hunt, to scour the sand before the local hunters arrive. I'm an anti-social hunter. Do not talk to me when I'm sitting in a pile of yeck, combing it with my driftwood. I'm afraid to look up...will I miss something?...or will someone say.."oh look what you unearthed" and a virtual Jerry Springer, shoes off, grapple with ensue for that very piece we both want to claim for ourselves. Move along folks...nothing to see pile..mine mine mine.Good Karma is all about letting it "go". Letting that nice older lady collect that lovely red for her granddaughter...but I want to see it handed over to a 6 year old that puts it in a memory box...cuz there is a little guy dressed in red and holding a pitchfork on my shoulder saying " She makes jewelry with that and just took the best piece on the beach you ninny..." I might not catfight for white but red...that is another story. And that thought will haunt me for the rest of the day....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sea Glass Artists Unite!

I have to say that I joined the sea glass artists group at Ning called Sea Glass Artists and Collectors, and did not really have time to put my page together or really get the feel of the site. Yesterday I put my mind to it and posted pics and changed colors etc. While it still is a work in progress for me, I have to say how absolutely everyone has been there in only 24 hours! Comments have been so supportive and I truly feel I've met a great group pf people. If you are a sea glass fanatic or jewelery maker, it's the place to be to share and help others of "our kind". Go to to join the fun and meet some great people. Here are some pieces that I made last night! Check out my Etsy shop at for more goodies! Thanks to Lisl Armstrong for creating this group!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sticking with your New Business

So I find myself at a small loss of what to write about head cold is still kicking me down and I'm acting ADHD as far as working around the house is concerned. I even asked Etsy chatters what to write about but today I'll be simple. I'm doing my Good karma thing and positive thinking (though My Name Is Earl got cancelled so see where Karma got him?) I like my jewelry...I like my sea glass...I like my sea glass jewelry. Others seem to like it as well because business is good so far,so I think I'll just keep plugging along, think good thoughts and realize that every new business has it's ups and downs and bumps along the road. Will my business be just for summer because it's beach glass? Gee..I hope not because mostly I like to think of it as jewelry that has just been made of sea glass. Timeless...ageless and seasonless. Fight the good fight...the economy will look up and we will all start to prosper again!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Morning all...I have tossed and turned on this issue and so many of you have heard me speak out on Twilight and the people who use Twilight tags to sell. I have fought my inner demon and won. I did a lovely pair of red sea glass earrings...simple and elegant and will post tonight on Etsy. I thought for sure I'd put Twilight in my title...Twilight Bella's Blood...something like that...right? How many hits would that get??? Did I? No...I did not...I may have put the word in my description cuz they do look like droplets of blood but I did not "go there". My sea glass is untainted by the restless spirit that drives me into panic sell mode. My jewelry is pretty. People buy it because it looks pretty, not because it is Twilight inspired. Hey Drag Me To Hell had tons of blood and I did not mention that did I?I'm happy with my decision...ask me by Friday if I've changed the title though...still may get "lit" somewhere in there!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black but sometimes Etsy chat frustrates me...I did the chat rooms years ago..that is how I ended up married to my husband...but when I'm in chat, besides discussing the occassional movie (yes, I do it all the time) I want to chat about what will fuel my business. The last couple of days, chat has been about children, grandchildren, ailments, etc....I want to be posted...I want to talk sales techniques and net-working...I do like to talk about Johnny Depp ok and I will do indefinately if given the chance. I like to talk about books and movies because you get a feel of who you are dealing with but today...mostly today...I have no patience. So I am kvetching here to myself and all who listen...make a chat room for Etsy Moms that want to talk or family group chat but when I'm on Etsy, I want to talk about sales, lack thereof or good sales days(yeah!) there is a place for everything and I have reigned myself in on the Twilight bashing...cuz my hubby is doing tee shirts but that is another chat. There are so many talented people on Etsy, show yourselves, help the others and for goodness sake, leave the puke conversations to soapbox...closing blog...BTW~ saw Drag Me To Hell today...awesome...Sam raimi is rush on to Evil dead Four and leave Spiderman in a shallow watery grave with Kirsten Dunst....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Morning World!!! I'm going to ad a new feature to my blog that highlight my favorite Etsy shops and their merchandise. I'm hoping that it will help my fellow Etsiers and myself by networking and introducing products to people who might not normally stumble on these great little shops on Etsy! Including my own : . I'm gonna start contacting those who I want to include and if you's like me to include your things for that extra added bump than please e-mail me your shop so I can take a look. I like very arts and "different" things. That being said, I'm posting some new pieces now and contacting my fellow Etsy friends for permission to publish pics!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Again my dilemma worsens as I have found gorgeous black sea glass to go with the blood red teardrop of Swarovski crystal I have.How gothic?? How Anne HER books I love though I was dissapointed by Tom Cruise starring in the movie as opposed to yummy Daniel Day Lewis fresh from Last of the Mohicans (best kiss EVER)but Brad Pitt (fresh from Legends of the Fall) counteracted that. Though if the movie were realeased now and I had to look at crazy Tom Cruise(from my native New Jersey) and Brad, who, himself is a tad crazy with the psycho Angelina Jolie..I may have felt differently about the film. No, I do not have ADHD...just digressed a whole lot! Back to and some fellow Etsiers have concluded that, as much as it might pain us, Twilight sells like hot potatoes. Why can't I have a Wolverine themed selection?...hmmm...maybe dogtags of there is a thought....keep on track ole girl... But face it, Twilight sells and I am broken...I will do about 3 pieces of vampire , goth, swallow...Twilight themed pieces and see if they move. At the moment I'm listing my faeries that I LOVE and hopefully the sea glass purists will forgive me for mixing whimsy and fantasy with recycled glass...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Twilight Sea Glass Decision..without Matt nathanson

Twilight Sea Glass Jewelry...seemed like the thing to do...Bella inspired necklaces with hearts...maybe a crystal of red for a teardrop of blood...still not a bad idea. I am close to cracking and doing a few pieces to see if it increases sales. Maybe just do a vampire line...that could work! marketting your business has a whole mess of consequences I had never thought about before. The longer it has been since I've seen the movie the more I think...maybe I can do it...have just a few pieces. Hey, I want to do a whole Pirates of the Caribbean themed line and a punk line to tie in with skulls etc. Could it be that bad...since Matt Nathanson is not channelling me his response I have to go with my gut feeling...Sea Glass people love their glass raw sometimes but I'd like to change that...put a spin on it and make it a piece of absolutely artwork! I want to be different and not run of the mill...find a have to find a niche...check my work out at Thanks!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Will Twilight Sell Sea Glass? What Would Matt Nathanson do?

Ok..moral dilemma(sp?) this point most folk know that I found Twilight to be banal garbage, fodder, useless...oops..I digress...does Matt Nathanson like Twilight? I wonder cuz I love him and respect his opinions cuz he watched Van Helsing and you have to LOVE someone that does that...why did everyone hate that?...digressing again...I find that people on Etsy that do Twilight inspired things sell....I need to ask myself if I am willing to sell out...claim I like this heinous mess..ok, don't know the book but movie was God-awful...with Star Trek out there how can anyone think Twilight was good if they are older than 12 and not a girl??? Oops..there I go again...what would Matt Nathanson say??? BTW- Buy his music, he is a fabulous musician and deserves more recognition...digressing even further... Anyway...if I list my sea glass designs with Twilight somewhere in the title, they get more views...what if I listed them with Johnny Depp (A God among Men)...would that still work...I need to sell like crazy..I want my life to be about making sea glass jewelry and seeing superhero and horror movies...not selling what do I do??? Do I sell out, grit my teeth and say I love Twilight while holding my fingers crossed behind my back...what would Matt Nathanson do? Maybe he'd buy some jewelry???At

Monday, June 1, 2009

Disney Dollars in Sea Glass

Ok...Just back from Disney World last night with a God awful head cold and Disney detox setting in!!! So I started listing new stuff on Etsy and need it to sell to pay off my sea glass jewelry in shades of green for ya at Check it out and BUY SOME please : ). the interim I have missed a Law and Order Criminal Intent with Bobby Goren AND harper's Island cuz let's get one thing perfectly straight...when you are in Disney, the folks there ONLY want you watching Disney so they restrict your tv to like 5 stations that are...all about Disney..things to see there...things to buy there...etc. Ok so it was Star Wars Weekend and that was way kewl and my son just about wet himself in excitement of the day (he's 12 so totally unacceptable ok?) So that day was awesome. While there ya gotta do Universal and Islands of Adventure if just to do Spiderman and Men In Black. We decided to check out a movie at the AMC POSH theater at the City Walk there...$6.50 was never so well spent...high back chairs and even a bar area. So we go in and there is a giant Johnny Depp cut out for Public Enemies that I just about ran out the door with...when you take a picture at a certain angle it looks like he is actually standing there...this is where I just about wet myself! Ok so we see Star Trek again ..well, for my son and I, my friend that was with us had never seen it and it was extremely amazing AGAIN...all the time threatening to go see Drag Me To Hell in theater next door to my son cuz I soooo want to see that!!! Why am I sounding like a Valley Girl?? The 80s days are catching up with me...ok,,,time for homework and more cold meds!!!