Thursday, May 21, 2009 I'm preparing for Disney and wondering if they will throw me out if I stand at the front gate and hand out my cards for my sea glass jewelry business. My son thinks undeniably yes but I think if I give each guard one a piece of said jewelry, they will look the other way. Bribery goes a long way. Really though, I'm taking tons of my jewelry to wear and make my friend wear so that when someone say...that's nice...we will slam them with a card. I need to make this work. If I have to spend another year as a fragrance stalker at Nordstrom, I'll retch. I wandered around today thinking...hmmm...I could be doing about 12 pieces of jewelry instead of treading these stinking marble tiles pushing fragrance on passersby. My job could be cut at any second. It's happening everywhere! Bills however, force me to stay until I am cut and hopefully build my business into an Empire...ok, maybe not an empire, maybe a small community of long as it pays the bills!!! Check out my new things at

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lost has Lost me spoiler alert I watched Lost on Demand while I was YET AGAIN making my sea glass jewelry that some day soon will make me incredibly rich and send my son to college...yet I digress...c'mon..can't someone kill Kate..hmmm...well, in a way, Juliette did by exploding the whole island with an h-bomb!!! I truly cannot stand Kate or jack anymore...only Sawyer still has my attention..yummy...I have watched since first episode but interest is waning...perhaps because I watch and work and on Lost if you blink or look down to attach a are thrown back 30 years into the past!! Weird eh?? Ok...enough late night bed with thee!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Red Sea Glass in honor of Harper's Island...Blood Red

Ok...I will get the feel of this at some point and learn how to Blog properly...I actually did my red sea glass piece that I just listed on etsy in honor of Harper's Island tonight...BUUUUUT...some fools at CBS have moved the darn show AGAIN and I can't find my spatter mainstream show...there is always some shade of red floating around that loves the 20 somethings Friday the 13ish show...must go find what they have done with it!!! Look again fellow Bloggers

Red Picture

Perhaps a photo would be nice!!!

Red Sea Glass is my favorite!

Been a few days since I posted so let's update things...I am going mental as I happily got an order for 100 pieces on Thursday!!! Yeah...Gotta get them done by Thursday before I go to Disney if anyone local would love to have me buy them a beer for drilling sea glass or threading chains through bails,...stop on over!!!! I put some new things on Etsy at and I really like the gorgeous red sea glass piece I made...wanna keep...gotta sell...on that note I must get back to drilling sea glass...look at my stuff....PUHLEEZE!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sea Glass Completes Me

Rather shocking that I'm using a line from a Tom Cruise movie as a blog title as I am on an official "Crazy Tom Cruise" boycott. Ok...except for Legend and Interview with a Vampire and I was forced to suffer through him in Tropic Thunder because I wanted to see the movie BUT on the whole...we are an army of many vs. Tom Cruise...apart from sea glass day has started and I'm drilling away praying that my new drill bits come in before this one has seen it's day and trust's ready to kick the bucket. Perhaps if I am extremely gentle with it it will be nice to me and last till Wednesday when I expect my new bits!! I am such a procrastinator with those things...order early BEFORE you run out. My first Etsy week was alright with 7 sales and people signing up as a favorite. This week, I'm going all out and trying to list 30 to 50 pieces!! Hey, I see other people do it why can't I? Um...perhaps because I still work at a retail nughtmare job AND have a kid AND an EXTREMELY messy house...Oh great Etsy God...please let me sell loads and loads so I can just work at home 17 hours a day with my wonderful glass....Hey, I sell to stores too but at least I feel some sense of control over Etsy. "Really?" a voice in her head says. least I control how much I list, my prices, and my constant neurotic checking every 10 minutes to see if something sells. I want to be that person that lazily checks their e-mail and sees 10 items sold. Ok...the economy is tough...but there should ALWAYS be money for sea glass!!! Ok..back to work,,..I had my break yesterday when we saw Star Trek (Great!!) and nooooo...I am not a fan girl though I have nbeen known to hit the occassional horror convention...better when Bruce Campbell is there though I feel he may be straying the way of the pompous celebrity "I don't do autographs" thing, offense cuz we still love you....but being Sam Raimi's friend is NOT a claim to fame.... Have I mentione There ya go!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


First, let me say that I AM a tad disappointed at my font choices...I love my Blackadder (yes, and the show with Rowan Atkinson..look at Hugh Laurie in that!!!) and my curlz..though not always appropriate for clear reading but then again, I am not always appropriate. it is my first week selling on Etsy and things are pretty good! A few sales here and there and a neurotic panic over what I can do to increase sales...My patience level is not at all where it should be but heck, I need to make this sea glass jewelry business work!! The economy is awful and I start a business. What provoked me??? Perhaps the fact that making jewelry is what I LOVE to do ...and the fact that beside siding my house with it, I have so much glass all over the place, I have to put it to good use. My family is disgusted with it being EVERYWHERE...suddenly I'll here a "tick" on the hard wood floor and know that my little Shiba Inu has denounced her shredded Shrek toy for a piece of my glass...yelling ensues as she crawls under the sofa with it and just looks at me like "Ya know ya want it....come get some..." I cannot reach her and my Lab Retriever just sits there looking at me like "it was all her...I did nothing...really..." I actually think that it is a plot to get the little one in trouble as she is the newbie in the house and inside my Lab's head is a little lab dressed in a devil suit, pitchfork and all, snickering...yet I digress! Yup...gonna make a business...yup, gonna make it work, yup...gonna make that sea glass jewelry and LOVE it and...and...why the heck am I using the word "yup"? Check out my stuff at and let me know what you think!!! I am giving a $5.00 off coupon with any purchase of $40.00 or more...just mention this blog!!! Uh oh...she's under the couch again...gotta go!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ok since this is my very first blog and I will look back months form now and cringe at mu incompetency...oh dear lord there is no spellcheck....ok, there I found it. Bear with me folks as I get used to this thing called blogging that apparantly I must do to become noticed on the web! I am a jewelry designer in this horrible economy and want desperately to do jewelry ALL the, night, during my On Demand movies and on vacation. I am obsessed and determined to "make it work". I also have another job so all this advertising on the web etc. will just have to wait. My other job distracts me...encompasses me and withholds me from my true calling. The calling of the glass....the calling of the sea glass and the jewelry made thereof. I WILL make it!! I will keep my prices reasonable and appeal to everyone and I will TRY not to curl up in a ball and cry at the frustration this "new business" thing evokes. Ok...try...not PROMISE. That being said, my site is OR (there is more stuff on there). See, my husband does my website and since he is always busy working on his Paranormal radio podcast that has now taken over our basement living quarters, I need to be able to do online selling myself. Etsy I can website I have NO clue about so those pieces are probably headed for the nursing home of sea glass. You know, my hubby complains about my glass being everywhere but heck, one room in my family area is now a soundproof recording booth. It USED to be a spare bedromm but now looks like something from the Dharma initiative on LOST....heavy solid door painted black, eggcrate foam on the walls for soundproofing...very professional. I , however, am convinced it has been done so he cannot hear me yelling his name when I need help on the computer!!! Ok...gotta get to my other job so I can gather round the tv with my glass making goodies and watch my comedies tonight!!! Guilty pleasure Harper's Island moved to saturday...blast.....