Thursday, October 22, 2009


With Halloween just around the corner, and a weekend spent in some spooky places in Massachusetts, I felt some interests could best be served in a discussion on that topic. Now, although I had planned to attend the Sea Glass Festival in Erie. Pa this weekend, plans went asunder when my husband couldn’t take a day off of work and our trip began to encompass just an overnight stay somewhere. We opted for Gloucester, Mass, where my husband had never been and my son and I love. With just a 30 minute hop to Salem, world of witches and weirdness, I thought this was the perfect pairing for my sea glass adventures and my hubby, Ash’s (yes like that guy from “Evil Dead”) soon to be full time profession, host of a Paranormal Radio talk show, now available via podcast at This is where serendipity and “that Kevin Bacon” game started to fuse into some sort of strange anomaly!

Hey, I love my sea glass, love searching and finding it, addressing it’s characteristics and mysterious beginnings and in my blatherings, have found several people who, not only are fascinated by glass but also “other worldly” occurrences. My first run in with this was when I happened to browse at a fellow sea glass artists profile on an online selling venue and shockingly found her list of favorite books and movies were almost carbon copies of mine! We exchanged e-mails and have since become very chummy. Her delight in “Ghost Hunters” and horror movies that I thought only myself and a small spattering of mega Goth horror groupies supported was wonderful. Was it the artistic side of us that allowed the reach into the unknown or just a strange alignment of the stars and planets at the right time? I shrugged it off to happy chance but then more started occurring! Another seaglasser and I began to talk and she too, was fanatically interested in all things spooky and supernatural. And not just your, “Hey, did you see ‘The Blair Witch Project’ way?” and “Wasn’t ‘The Exorcist’ scary?” This woman was eagerly waiting for “Paranormal Activity” to be released and campaigning for its wide release by a major studio. Yet another “mover and shaker” in the sea glass world, who has made television appearances about his sea glass endeavors, has developed into a full fledged psychic with countless stories of spine-tingling ghostly encounters and has even worked with police on solving unsolved crimes, using his psychic skills! We fans of all things ghostly are usually lopped into a pool of people that live in their parents basement and stalk Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) at Horror Conventions. Kids usually, wearing black t-shirts with a hatchet wielding harpy emblazoned on the front and spiked armbands, black lipstick and some odd plaid skirt/skort short that looks like a mix of “St.Trinian’s” gone uber Goth and detention hall at Catholic School. Though I’m sure these people are very nice…I am not one of them…I am a Mom, I am a wife, I live in the suburbs with a lovely son, two dogs and a cat and though I spend loads of time in the basement, I do not live there, nor do I have an affinity for plaid mini skirts though the whole “Naughty Schoolgirl” look does entice my husband but that is an entirely separate R-rated blog. But what’s with all these sea glass people??

We glassers who-ghost is becoming a phenomena unto itself. Now, I have found some strange coincidences and binds between myself and some other hard core seaglassers that involved the paranormal and psychic events but none so blatant as my adventure this weekend. When I first booked our stay at our favorite Inn at Gloucester, The Blue Shutters, one of the owners, Ed had called me a tad after our original phone call to tell me that he remembered me speaking of my husband’s radio show and thought he knew someone who my hubby might be interested in meeting. This gentleman, he went on to say, was an actual Ghost Hunter that investigated phenomena in the Cape Ann area. He would call him and set up a meeting. Well, to “Reader’s Digest” this seems that this gentleman, along with his wife and a few others are actual full fledged Haunting Investigators and TAPS affiliates! How great for my hubby to meet!! Then things started to get even weirder, when Ed, the Innkeeper was speaking to his Ghost Hunter buddy, he mentioned that I was the one that had been coming to the Inn on vacation and sea glass hunting expeditions. “Odd”, the Ghost Hunter said to Ed, “my wife is a sea glasser who designs jewelry too”. At the very time this conversation was going on, I was wondering to myself why all this conversation seemed like déjà vu …then I remembered a correspondence I had had in the beginnings of my Etsy career will a fellow sea glasser who lived in Massachusetts. I went through my e-mails and found just the one I was looking for!! When the call came back from Ed, I was right!! I knew this person!! We had chatted months earlier and now here we were, hooking up through our husbands with the paranormal angle!! Well, we were able to hook up that night and as the gentleman spoke on about their paranormal experiences, my fellow jeweler and I exchanged some great hunting spots, drilling techniques, best hunting times and all things sea glass. We had a great night and I hope that on our next trip to Mass., we can meet again and have a more formal get together!! But that was not the end of the night.

As our guests left and we headed for bed, other guests and Inn owners that had been in the lobby while we chatted with our friends, struck up a conversation with us that started with my affinity for glass hunting in the area and turned immediately to Ash’s involvement with the paranormal and experiences they had had. What is this strange connection between sea glass and psychic phenomena? Is it the lure and mystery of sea glass that entrances us and leaves us open to beliefs in other realms or just odd coincidences? I cannot think the latter because way too many glassers have commented on these types of occurrences or interests for me to think it just coincidence. I think the mysterious qualities of glass and its origins bind us together with a world of uncanny occurrences; like finding that red or orange glass and the lure of the unexpected…whatever it is, it intrigues me….Happy Halloween!!!!!

Names and identities of glassers withheld so as not to be considered the lunatic fringe. I however, have no fear of this …obviously!!


  1. Thanks so much!! Love to work with sea glass!


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  3. Great story...sounds like you had quite a time. Love your sea glass creations too!


  4. Thanks so much for the comment! I love Gloucester!! Salem was such a blast too. Nice to have the whole family enjoy your favorite places.