Monday, October 26, 2009

My "Law and Order :Criminal Intent" Distress

Ok now, in the past I have tried to link all blog postings in some shape or form back to my sea glass business so I keep a trending theme. Now that I am home full time working at said business ok..there we go…I have little to no social interaction with anyone aside from my 2 dogs, whose daily routine consists of chewing up random socks, shredding plush dolls and sleeping on the sofa.(Note photo of dogs intently listening to me) Wherein lies my problem as the dogs do not react to my musings, outrages, quips or mutterings aside from the occasional head tilt if I make a high pitched noise. So, when it was formerly announced that Vincent D’Onofrio would be leaving Law & Order:Criminal Intent at the beginning of next season, my outlets were limited after my husband and son went off to their respective jobs and school. Was I upset? Oh..beyond words. I had eagerly anticipated the very first episode of Criminal Intent when it was announced that the “Mothership” Law and Order would spawn another spin-off. I was not one of those “grow to love it” fans. I was there from Day One. D’Onofrio, our modern day Columbo turned Bobby Goren into an intricate savant like detective, who I will say, I enjoyed in his younger, more “quirky detective with at least some sort of outside social life” than his “man this guy is all messed up with a badge” latter days. I mean c’mon, we all wanted to see him with a date or a trip to the theater or even a Mulder-ish obsession with “blue movies”. Though I know, some fans wanted to see a downright Goren/Eames lovefest, I was not a proponent of that! There is a line to be drawn. Isn’t there? Though, I must admit, the little devil sitting on my shoulder so wanted some sort of Nicole Wallace interaction. Oh, that, “she’s such a bad girl but I want her”-thing was so apparent to me. Ah, but my fondness for Nicole Wallace had to be reigned in as we did have to see the woman as someone who murdered her own child so perhaps that was a line that shouldn’t be crossed either! But I digress and my main issue here was my absolute distress over the loss of the only show I am rabid about next to Dexter!!

I cannot say I did not see it coming because a few years back when D’Onofrio collapsed on the set, I started to worry. How could the show continue with this going on? If he was exhausted, how would he return to the series for any length of time? Then, my ultimate dream was realized; the return of Mike Logan! Ok..if I’m not getting a full season of Bobby Goren, would I accept half a season of Chris Noth back as Mike Logan and half a season of D’Onofrio?! What a pleasure and yes, I’ll gladly take that. I will admit Nichols was never my favorite partner for Logan and I loved Alicia Witt but I’ll take what was given and love it! What a compromise! Then things started going horribly wrong…

Goren started to deteriorate into an outburst of angst. His schizophrenic mother was dying, his brother was a junkie, he got suspended from the force, THEN he finds out Mr. Jaws( “I think you are gonna need a bigger boat”) Roy Scheider, serial killer extraordinaire is really his father?? What?? What did this poor guy do to deserve this?? Nicole Wallace even went all “nice” and tried to save someone! What is happening here? I supposed the outcome…they were setting up D’Onofrio’s sad that I surmised correctly. Though, after last season, part of me hoped that, with his mother gone, and his brother and what??? They killed Nicole Wallace?? Oh no the didn’t!! Who DOES that??
I still do not believe she is dead. I can’t believe it. She is like the horror movie villain whose body is never found and constantly returns to kill campers. She IS Michael Meyers. She IS Jason and Freddy. No mortal man (or John Glover) can so easily dispose of her caliber of murderess. She lies in wait; I am sure, coldly plotting her return from “the dead”, where we shall all find that she had a twin sister or another daughter when she was 10 or some sci-fi DNA clone. Remember that her body was never found. I cling to that hope with all I can. Because no matter what VDO may say on the radio or in-print. Whoever is supposed to be killed off (my fear is that they will knock off Erbe/Eames and this will push Goren/D'Onofrio over the edge) and totally destroy our remaining hopes. There is always the “Mike Logan” syndrome. This is the one where someone, albeit it VDO or USA or NBC or whatever power that be realizes their horrific mistakes and decides to set the world right. Bobby Goren is frustrated and lost without police work and returns to the force. Hey , if Mike Logan can return from Staten Island, anything can happen. Freddie always comes back, Michael and Jason always come back and no one ever questions how or why. We are just happy to see them return. I can only cling to the hope that Goren and Eames and our dear Nicole Wallace are on hiatus. Stranger things have happened..geesh, Family Guy is back and Ghost Whisperer..What kind of a world let’s THAT happen and allows Criminal Intent become a USA “bon-bon and hot tea” series? Let’s not even talk Arrested Development cuz that was Fox’s messup. Change the name, change the actors, but please, without Goren and Eames, it is NOT Criminal Intent.

Rumors are rampant of firings, and killing characters off(gasp). Don’t you just want to bump into someone without their PR person in the street. ;like Erbe or D’Onofrio in Whole Foods, where, over organic chicken, you could say,”Ok, really, what the heck is the deal?” and get a straight answer? Not since 9/11 or the moon landing have I felt such rumblings of a giant cover up. There are some that know the truth and to coin another Mulderism :“The Truth is Out There”.

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  1. OH I JUST LOVE YOU! That was the funniest thing about LO:CI that I've read in a long time. You write very well! "this guy is all messed up with a badge" hehehehehe! Thanks for brightening my day. As a devoted CI fan, there hasn't been anything to smile about in a long time :( so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    BTW, your jewelry is beautiful!

  2. Tricia- Thanks so much!! You just cannot go down without a fight and I'm incredibly sad to see this show dismantle as planned! I guess I'll have reruns and DVDs to sate me but it is not the same!

  3. BTW-Thanks for the comment about my jewelry!

  4. Great blog piece! I just read it over on Vinnie Vidi Vici. I will have to check out your Etsy store. So many of my friends are nudging me in that direction for my own jewelry (I posted a slide show of my stuff on my blog).

  5. Hey there!- Thanks so much for enjoying my blog. Where can I view your jewelry?? I'd love to take a look!

  6. The jewelry slideshow is the one right below my latest post titled "Happy Accidents". :)