Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Will Twilight Sell Sea Glass? What Would Matt Nathanson do?

Ok..moral dilemma(sp?) this point most folk know that I found Twilight to be banal garbage, fodder, useless...oops..I digress...does Matt Nathanson like Twilight? I wonder cuz I love him and respect his opinions cuz he watched Van Helsing and you have to LOVE someone that does that...why did everyone hate that?...digressing again...I find that people on Etsy that do Twilight inspired things sell....I need to ask myself if I am willing to sell out...claim I like this heinous mess..ok, don't know the book but movie was God-awful...with Star Trek out there how can anyone think Twilight was good if they are older than 12 and not a girl??? Oops..there I go again...what would Matt Nathanson say??? BTW- Buy his music, he is a fabulous musician and deserves more recognition...digressing even further... Anyway...if I list my sea glass designs with Twilight somewhere in the title, they get more views...what if I listed them with Johnny Depp (A God among Men)...would that still work...I need to sell like crazy..I want my life to be about making sea glass jewelry and seeing superhero and horror movies...not selling what do I do??? Do I sell out, grit my teeth and say I love Twilight while holding my fingers crossed behind my back...what would Matt Nathanson do? Maybe he'd buy some jewelry???At

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  1. thank you for following my blog - love your jewelry has a lovely feeling to it!