Monday, June 8, 2009


Morning all...I have tossed and turned on this issue and so many of you have heard me speak out on Twilight and the people who use Twilight tags to sell. I have fought my inner demon and won. I did a lovely pair of red sea glass earrings...simple and elegant and will post tonight on Etsy. I thought for sure I'd put Twilight in my title...Twilight Bella's Blood...something like that...right? How many hits would that get??? Did I? No...I did not...I may have put the word in my description cuz they do look like droplets of blood but I did not "go there". My sea glass is untainted by the restless spirit that drives me into panic sell mode. My jewelry is pretty. People buy it because it looks pretty, not because it is Twilight inspired. Hey Drag Me To Hell had tons of blood and I did not mention that did I?I'm happy with my decision...ask me by Friday if I've changed the title though...still may get "lit" somewhere in there!!!


  1. I was totally with you on this one until I got a couple comments about one of my flowers that it reminded them of Twilight. So I tagged it and it definitely raised my views but that's about it.

  2. I think that yes, it definately raise views but purchases may be different. Unless you have a sultry pic of Edward and Bella looking wantingly at each other, somehow glued to my jewelry or hanging from it in some way, workmanship will come through long after Twilight has many more books do we have to get through????lol