Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sea glass is obviously an important part of my day and evening but I do put time aside for somethings…like “Lost”. Ok..I have been watching Lost since the first episode and we have had our moments. The first season was amazing and though there were a few annoying characters, on the whole, everyone was a keeper. By the second or third season, Jack had my nerves in a bunch with his “I’m a doctor so I’m saving the island” routine and Kate needed a hard smack with her whole “which one do I choose?” quandary. Um…Kate…have you seen the choices?…geesh…the blonde guy is the one..bad boys are always the best! Hence my obsession with Johnny Depp who will be in NYC next week to promote his new movie so I plan to meet him (I have my sources). You may, of course read about me on national news coverage but it might be good for business! There I go…off topic again…ok back to Lost. Fast forward to present day, which, if you are a Lost fan, you know can happen in the blink of an eye or a white flash in the sky. Now, I’ve dealt with polar bears, smoke monsters and mysterious cabins but you know you have Lost me when I contemplate the amount of sea glass on this island. Hmmm…when everyone is wandering around moaning and whining about being trapped in a tropical paradise with hot guys…ok, let’s forget about the smoke monster and “The Others”, do they pick up shatters of sea glass? C’mon, they are in a time vortex for goodness sake…they should have amassed tons by now! There should be stock piles of Dharma mason jars with all sorts of amazing finds. Think how lovely a nice sea glass stained glass window would be in a little palm tree hut? Just the thing one needs when underground magnetic fields are getting you down.

Need a break from worrying about groups of never aging villagers with torches and flaming arrows? Tired of pushing that button so the island doesn’t blow up? (Of course that is a mute point now isn’t it?) Remorseful over the loss of fellow survivors being picked of by each other and mysterious clouds of black smoke? Collect sea glass!

We all know they film on Hawaii so let’s pretend it is a similar island. Heck, Jacob has been bringing people to the island for centuries! He must have quite the jewelry studio in the foot of that Egyptian statue!

I think if everyone just took a moment, took a deep breath and just walked the beach for some glass; perhaps things would be different now. Kate might have been washed away while grabbing for a bit of cobalt and made me very happy! Maybe Jack would lose that ever prominent scowl and be happy with a nice piece of sea foam.They could have a little Sea Glass festival with “The Others” and peace would reign among the warring factions cuz sea glass makes everyone happy. And the show would be over and somewhere the writers and producers are asking “who let this girl out”…and me, I’ll keep collecting, and coveting that glass, and waiting for Sawyer to be on screen again. Sigh….

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