Sunday, June 28, 2009

PIRATES INSPIRED SEA GLASS DESIGNS this point the entire free world knows I met Johnny Depp....sigh....ok, I'm any way, I did a bunch of new pieces last night and listed them today on Etsy at I love my pirate inspired pieces but there is a small piece of me that worries that people might think I am headed to a more gothic style (which I love, don't get me wrong). Sea glass fans tend to like their pieces just adorned with sea shell charms etc but I feel it is all an art form and about the creative process. I love my skull and crossbones and pirate feel. Heck, I think that life must have been awesome. I just wondered what Etsy people and shoppers think. I want to do an entire vintage theme next as well and so, my shop will be entirely eclectic. I like so many different styles I just can't stay with one genre. Hey folk...gimme some feedback, or, as Bruce Campbell would say..."gimme some sugar baby.." Actually, be as mean as you like : ) Just don't make me cry. I've traded up from Bruce Campbell now anyway...sorry Bruce!!!


  1. Hi Betty, this is the first time I see your jewelry and I'm amazed! I love it. And definitely keep on making the pirate jewelry as well, I think it suits very well with sea glass. I'm so jealous of you meeting Johnny Depp. Good effort on your part, though I still don't understand how you managed to persuade the security guide to steer Johnny to you! What did you do?
    I think Johnny will actually wear the necklage, it looked like an awesome piece. I'd love to make something like that too. I'll be checking your website. Do you ship to Australia?
    Best of luck to your business.

  2. PS. I just lensrolled your blog on my Alice in Wonderland Quotes Blog!

  3. Thanks so much!! It really is all just a matter of being pleasant to people and not pushy. People appreciate kindness!! Glad you like my pieces.Local paper did an article on me Monday and I got wiped out!! Still shipping but must restock shop!

  4. So sorry about this belated reply but I have just been able to access my comments!! Still learning how to use this page. Anyway!! Thanks for the warm and wonderful comments and yes, I definately ship to Australia. I'm doing this full time now so I'm listing new pieces every day! Keep an eye out and feel free to contact me through Etsy anytime! I'm at there is a contact option to the right side!!