Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Twilight Sea Glass Decision..without Matt nathanson

Twilight Sea Glass Jewelry...seemed like the thing to do...Bella inspired necklaces with hearts...maybe a crystal of red for a teardrop of blood...still not a bad idea. I am close to cracking and doing a few pieces to see if it increases sales. Maybe just do a vampire line...that could work! marketting your business has a whole mess of consequences I had never thought about before. The longer it has been since I've seen the movie the more I think...maybe I can do it...have just a few pieces. Hey, I want to do a whole Pirates of the Caribbean themed line and a punk line to tie in with skulls etc. Could it be that bad...since Matt Nathanson is not channelling me his response I have to go with my gut feeling...Sea Glass people love their glass raw sometimes but I'd like to change that...put a spin on it and make it a piece of absolutely artwork! I want to be different and not run of the mill...find a have to find a niche...check my work out at Thanks!!!


  1. oh, I love the combination of the white pearls and the deep red- nicely done!!

  2. Red is one of the absolute rarest colors of sea glass...lucky to have this piece!