Sunday, June 14, 2009


Beware: this sea glass blog is frightening and not intended for the weak at heart .I have to admit that the focus of today’s blog has changed dramatically. I had all good intentions of writing a blog about retailers trying to pass off faux glass jewelry as real and their convictions thereto. But, at 11:35 p.m. last evening, my entire focus shifted . There was a much more sinister tale to tell. While trying to look for an angle to tie an ad for my sea glass jewelry into an ad on my husband’s paranormal radio show website; quite the chore I thought, I was deluged by internet articles on sea glass and paranormal/metaphysical issues. One website was selling Chakra sea glass that was to assist in cleansing the Chakra and aide in strengthening ones aura. The ironic thing about that was that the sea glass was faux and made in someone’s basement so the healing properties of that truly escaped me. If you are selling something that purportedly was an element of nature, I don’t expect it to come from a rock tumbler.

My next find was a meditation page that used sea glass in the meditation process. Although this idea, I found had merit, I do not know the every day sea glass collector that just happens to have chunks of orange, golden yellow and red lying around. If you are one of these people…e-mail me, we need to talk about those nuggets..: ).

Still another site recounted a story of a young woman who had collected a batch of sea glass that, when brought into her house, evoked the feeling of dread and discomfort. It basically, haunted her home. Her explanation was that she felt the glass came from a pirate cache and that it was haunted by evil. In turn, she removed the glass from her home and the feelings of dread dissipated. “The Amityville Sea Glass Horror”, coming soon to your local theater. Of course, I have saved the best and truly the most remarkably horrific for last...

There is a seller on Ebay that is selling sea glass shards (the kind you or I would throw back because they were not finished “cooking”) that have supposedly been collected by dragons. No really…this is not a joke; you can do a search on Ebay and find this listing! The highlights of the article attested to the fact that this glass was well known to be collected by dragons…yes, like in Harry Potter…And I of course am picturing an enormous lizard-like creature strolling my local beach with a bucket and a piece of driftwood, beach hat, sunscreen and all. Yet, I digress, apparently said dragons live deep within a cave in the mountains of Russia, a well known sea glass collecting spot…ahem…they hoard this glass because it is known to have strong medicinal qualities and is enhanced by powerful magic by the dragon’s breath. The sea glass has been passed on to the seller by a “strange little man” from deep with Russia’s mountainous countryside whose family has been Keepers of the Dragons for centuries.. This now evokes visions of Elijah Wood and a creepy hairless CGI character, trekking barefooted to Mount Doom with a little golden ring…ok…my jewelry aspect has been attained. “The Hoard of the Things” Coming soon to a theater near you. Now how and why this seller has just happened upon this man is still a mystery to me except for maybe a GPS incident gone horribly wrong and a trip back to Best Buy for a return. But little man was found and glass passed on, then of course “cured” in a magical ceremony and now available to your local Ebay patron. Of course, you must be 18 years of age to buy this glass because of it’s immense powers and the seller is not held responsible for any misuse of power or injury caused therein. It's power can be harnessed but only by those truly knowledgable in the "magical arts" of faeries, goblins,poltergeists, etc. If you can believe it, this is just a bried synopsis of this listing. I have long been an Ebay fan before switching to Etsy and have seen the “Ghost in the Jar” issues and “Grandpa’s Haunted Cane” as well as the whole “Virgin Mary in Grilled Cheese” debacle but this…oh my….Though I must admit, since I have brought glass into my home, it has caused major disruptions to the calm here. The house has suddenly and inexplicably been turned upside down, things have gone missing, sleep eludes me, I am ever obsessed with thoughts of the glass, the color red is foremost in my mind, bits of glass turn up everywhere from the bathroom to between the sofa cushions…could my glass be haunted and empowered by magical abilities…??? What are those strange striations and dark colors in that English glass? Of course, it must be a disembodied spirit..for the pieces scatter throughout every room. Is this truly a job for TAPS? Shall I write "A Haunting in New Jersey"?!? Hmmmm.....No, I think I’m just messy and starting a new business…Though I have posted this picture of that strange dark mass in this English multi...hmmm...

Disclaimer: I do not own haunted, bewitched or otherwise empowered sea glass. This blog was for entertainment and just me being silly. That Ebay listing does exist though!! Search for it under "Russian Sea Glass"


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