Friday, June 5, 2009


Again my dilemma worsens as I have found gorgeous black sea glass to go with the blood red teardrop of Swarovski crystal I have.How gothic?? How Anne HER books I love though I was dissapointed by Tom Cruise starring in the movie as opposed to yummy Daniel Day Lewis fresh from Last of the Mohicans (best kiss EVER)but Brad Pitt (fresh from Legends of the Fall) counteracted that. Though if the movie were realeased now and I had to look at crazy Tom Cruise(from my native New Jersey) and Brad, who, himself is a tad crazy with the psycho Angelina Jolie..I may have felt differently about the film. No, I do not have ADHD...just digressed a whole lot! Back to and some fellow Etsiers have concluded that, as much as it might pain us, Twilight sells like hot potatoes. Why can't I have a Wolverine themed selection?...hmmm...maybe dogtags of there is a thought....keep on track ole girl... But face it, Twilight sells and I am broken...I will do about 3 pieces of vampire , goth, swallow...Twilight themed pieces and see if they move. At the moment I'm listing my faeries that I LOVE and hopefully the sea glass purists will forgive me for mixing whimsy and fantasy with recycled glass...

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