Sunday, June 7, 2009


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black but sometimes Etsy chat frustrates me...I did the chat rooms years ago..that is how I ended up married to my husband...but when I'm in chat, besides discussing the occassional movie (yes, I do it all the time) I want to chat about what will fuel my business. The last couple of days, chat has been about children, grandchildren, ailments, etc....I want to be posted...I want to talk sales techniques and net-working...I do like to talk about Johnny Depp ok and I will do indefinately if given the chance. I like to talk about books and movies because you get a feel of who you are dealing with but today...mostly today...I have no patience. So I am kvetching here to myself and all who listen...make a chat room for Etsy Moms that want to talk or family group chat but when I'm on Etsy, I want to talk about sales, lack thereof or good sales days(yeah!) there is a place for everything and I have reigned myself in on the Twilight bashing...cuz my hubby is doing tee shirts but that is another chat. There are so many talented people on Etsy, show yourselves, help the others and for goodness sake, leave the puke conversations to soapbox...closing blog...BTW~ saw Drag Me To Hell today...awesome...Sam raimi is rush on to Evil dead Four and leave Spiderman in a shallow watery grave with Kirsten Dunst....

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