Monday, June 1, 2009

Disney Dollars in Sea Glass

Ok...Just back from Disney World last night with a God awful head cold and Disney detox setting in!!! So I started listing new stuff on Etsy and need it to sell to pay off my sea glass jewelry in shades of green for ya at Check it out and BUY SOME please : ). the interim I have missed a Law and Order Criminal Intent with Bobby Goren AND harper's Island cuz let's get one thing perfectly straight...when you are in Disney, the folks there ONLY want you watching Disney so they restrict your tv to like 5 stations that are...all about Disney..things to see there...things to buy there...etc. Ok so it was Star Wars Weekend and that was way kewl and my son just about wet himself in excitement of the day (he's 12 so totally unacceptable ok?) So that day was awesome. While there ya gotta do Universal and Islands of Adventure if just to do Spiderman and Men In Black. We decided to check out a movie at the AMC POSH theater at the City Walk there...$6.50 was never so well spent...high back chairs and even a bar area. So we go in and there is a giant Johnny Depp cut out for Public Enemies that I just about ran out the door with...when you take a picture at a certain angle it looks like he is actually standing there...this is where I just about wet myself! Ok so we see Star Trek again ..well, for my son and I, my friend that was with us had never seen it and it was extremely amazing AGAIN...all the time threatening to go see Drag Me To Hell in theater next door to my son cuz I soooo want to see that!!! Why am I sounding like a Valley Girl?? The 80s days are catching up with me...ok,,,time for homework and more cold meds!!!

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