Friday, May 8, 2009


First, let me say that I AM a tad disappointed at my font choices...I love my Blackadder (yes, and the show with Rowan Atkinson..look at Hugh Laurie in that!!!) and my curlz..though not always appropriate for clear reading but then again, I am not always appropriate. it is my first week selling on Etsy and things are pretty good! A few sales here and there and a neurotic panic over what I can do to increase sales...My patience level is not at all where it should be but heck, I need to make this sea glass jewelry business work!! The economy is awful and I start a business. What provoked me??? Perhaps the fact that making jewelry is what I LOVE to do ...and the fact that beside siding my house with it, I have so much glass all over the place, I have to put it to good use. My family is disgusted with it being EVERYWHERE...suddenly I'll here a "tick" on the hard wood floor and know that my little Shiba Inu has denounced her shredded Shrek toy for a piece of my glass...yelling ensues as she crawls under the sofa with it and just looks at me like "Ya know ya want it....come get some..." I cannot reach her and my Lab Retriever just sits there looking at me like "it was all her...I did nothing...really..." I actually think that it is a plot to get the little one in trouble as she is the newbie in the house and inside my Lab's head is a little lab dressed in a devil suit, pitchfork and all, snickering...yet I digress! Yup...gonna make a business...yup, gonna make it work, yup...gonna make that sea glass jewelry and LOVE it and...and...why the heck am I using the word "yup"? Check out my stuff at and let me know what you think!!! I am giving a $5.00 off coupon with any purchase of $40.00 or more...just mention this blog!!! Uh oh...she's under the couch again...gotta go!!

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