Monday, May 11, 2009

Sea Glass Completes Me

Rather shocking that I'm using a line from a Tom Cruise movie as a blog title as I am on an official "Crazy Tom Cruise" boycott. Ok...except for Legend and Interview with a Vampire and I was forced to suffer through him in Tropic Thunder because I wanted to see the movie BUT on the whole...we are an army of many vs. Tom Cruise...apart from sea glass day has started and I'm drilling away praying that my new drill bits come in before this one has seen it's day and trust's ready to kick the bucket. Perhaps if I am extremely gentle with it it will be nice to me and last till Wednesday when I expect my new bits!! I am such a procrastinator with those things...order early BEFORE you run out. My first Etsy week was alright with 7 sales and people signing up as a favorite. This week, I'm going all out and trying to list 30 to 50 pieces!! Hey, I see other people do it why can't I? Um...perhaps because I still work at a retail nughtmare job AND have a kid AND an EXTREMELY messy house...Oh great Etsy God...please let me sell loads and loads so I can just work at home 17 hours a day with my wonderful glass....Hey, I sell to stores too but at least I feel some sense of control over Etsy. "Really?" a voice in her head says. least I control how much I list, my prices, and my constant neurotic checking every 10 minutes to see if something sells. I want to be that person that lazily checks their e-mail and sees 10 items sold. Ok...the economy is tough...but there should ALWAYS be money for sea glass!!! Ok..back to work,,..I had my break yesterday when we saw Star Trek (Great!!) and nooooo...I am not a fan girl though I have nbeen known to hit the occassional horror convention...better when Bruce Campbell is there though I feel he may be straying the way of the pompous celebrity "I don't do autographs" thing, offense cuz we still love you....but being Sam Raimi's friend is NOT a claim to fame.... Have I mentione There ya go!!!!

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