Thursday, May 21, 2009 I'm preparing for Disney and wondering if they will throw me out if I stand at the front gate and hand out my cards for my sea glass jewelry business. My son thinks undeniably yes but I think if I give each guard one a piece of said jewelry, they will look the other way. Bribery goes a long way. Really though, I'm taking tons of my jewelry to wear and make my friend wear so that when someone say...that's nice...we will slam them with a card. I need to make this work. If I have to spend another year as a fragrance stalker at Nordstrom, I'll retch. I wandered around today thinking...hmmm...I could be doing about 12 pieces of jewelry instead of treading these stinking marble tiles pushing fragrance on passersby. My job could be cut at any second. It's happening everywhere! Bills however, force me to stay until I am cut and hopefully build my business into an Empire...ok, maybe not an empire, maybe a small community of long as it pays the bills!!! Check out my new things at

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