Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ok since this is my very first blog and I will look back months form now and cringe at mu incompetency...oh dear lord there is no spellcheck....ok, there I found it. Bear with me folks as I get used to this thing called blogging that apparantly I must do to become noticed on the web! I am a jewelry designer in this horrible economy and want desperately to do jewelry ALL the, night, during my On Demand movies and on vacation. I am obsessed and determined to "make it work". I also have another job so all this advertising on the web etc. will just have to wait. My other job distracts me...encompasses me and withholds me from my true calling. The calling of the glass....the calling of the sea glass and the jewelry made thereof. I WILL make it!! I will keep my prices reasonable and appeal to everyone and I will TRY not to curl up in a ball and cry at the frustration this "new business" thing evokes. Ok...try...not PROMISE. That being said, my site is OR (there is more stuff on there). See, my husband does my website and since he is always busy working on his Paranormal radio podcast that has now taken over our basement living quarters, I need to be able to do online selling myself. Etsy I can website I have NO clue about so those pieces are probably headed for the nursing home of sea glass. You know, my hubby complains about my glass being everywhere but heck, one room in my family area is now a soundproof recording booth. It USED to be a spare bedromm but now looks like something from the Dharma initiative on LOST....heavy solid door painted black, eggcrate foam on the walls for soundproofing...very professional. I , however, am convinced it has been done so he cannot hear me yelling his name when I need help on the computer!!! Ok...gotta get to my other job so I can gather round the tv with my glass making goodies and watch my comedies tonight!!! Guilty pleasure Harper's Island moved to saturday...blast.....

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